"Creating and IMplementing a Summer College Preparation Experience for Students with Disabilities-Professional Development over the Web"

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Assessment Resources To Help You Answer the Question "Who Am I?"

Topics include:

Personality/Traits/Work Styles
Readiness For Employment

University of Waterloo Career Development Manual
URL: http://www.cdm.uwaterloo.cal This is a comprehensive series of forms to organize your interests values and skills.
The Career Key
URL: http://www.ncsu.edu/careerkey/index.html
This test asks you to evaluate statements such as "I value science," or "I value arts" yields six basic personality types. Career Key gives you a long list of jobs that match the three types in which you score highest.
Test of Marketability
URL: http://www.quintcareers.com/test.html
This is a self administered and scored assessment that helps you assess your marketability and readiness to conduct a job search.
CareerWeb Employment Search Readiness Inventory
URL: http://www.cweb.com/inventory
This is an inventory, not a test. It provides a way to gather information to discover if you are doing all that you can to find a good job or earn a promotion. Employment search readiness refers to those actions that need to be taken in order to maximize chances of "getting ahead" or taking advantage of new opportunities. You answer each of thirteen questions. The computer tabulates the results, gives a score, and provides suggestions
Work Preference Inventory
URL: http://www.CareerPerfect.com/CareerPerfect/cpWorkPrefInv.htm
This site provides a 24 item online inventory which helps you identify your preferred work style. The inventory is immediately scored and may be printed.

H325N000028 was funded at 100% by the U.S. Department of Education, Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services for the period 10/01/00--9/30/03 for a total of $587,483 @ 8% indirect. The project received a no-cost extension through 09/30/04. 

Principal Investigator: Chere Campbell Gibson, Professor, Schools of Human Ecology and Education, UW-Madison; Co-Principal Investigator: John Gugerty, Researcher, Center on Education and Work, UW-Madison.