Technical Assistance Services

The Center on Education and Work (CEW) offers a robust, research-based technical assistance program for helping organizations design and implement quality learning opportunities that build the capacity among the people they serve to achieve career, college and workplace readiness. Using a learning science approach, our goal is to support organizations (e.g., state agencies, schools and school districts, workforce development agencies, colleges) in the design and successful implementation of innovative and comprehensive career and workforce development systems that result in tangible outcomes for the people they serve. In addition to research and evaluation, our technical assistance services also provide professional development opportunities as well as a range of products to support your organizations efforts.

CEW Research Based Innovation Partnership Model

We refer to our technical assistance action framework as a Research Based Innovation Partnership (RBIP) between our CEW staff and a professional learning community team from your school or organization. Our RBIP works collaboratively with organizations such as schools and school districts, colleges, and workforce development agencies to:

Generate and/or use existing data to analyze processes and outcomes as they relate to preparing individuals to become career, college, and workplace ready.

  1. Identify research-based innovative action plan strategies to provide access to quality learning environments.
  2. Offer project management tools and support to effectively implement innovative action plan strategies with efficiency and fidelity.
  3. Evaluate the effectiveness of implementing the innovative action plan strategies on career, college and workplace readiness indicators.


Range of Services

CEW offers a range of services that will help your organization rely on data to make important policy and practice decisions. Data-based decision-making is supported by providing your organization with tailored assessment reports and presentation materials that can be shared with key stakeholders. And our CEW Project Management System helps your organization identify new innovative action plans and manages successful implementation of those plans.

Conduct Research and Evaluation

CEW has access to validated measures used regularly in our research and evaluation efforts or we can localize or develop measures for your school or organization. A host of validation and analytic strategies are available and matched to answer the questions involved.

Some of the research strategies include:

  • Using of validated instruments to identify needs and help your school or organization to generate a common understanding of the challenges and solution strategies that need to be considered
  • Conducting focus groups and using rigorous analytic methods to generate thematic results
  • Generating reports from your collected data in a manner that can be communicated with key stakeholders
  • Evaluation of your programmatic efforts

Provide Tailored Assessment Reports

Anacoco's Individualized Learning Plan (ILP) Report

Using Project Management to Support Successful Implementation

CEW can provide different levels of project management to insure that your school/organization is implementing their innovations in a timely and effective manner. We are able to assist you with:

  • Identifying innovative research-based action plans to produce tangible outcomes
  • Generating a robust project management plan that identifies tasks, timelines, roles and responsibilities, and communication strategies
  • Providing a project manager who can keep the project on schedule and alert administration in a timely manner to resource needs or any challenges that may become apparent.

The CEW Project Management System provides a structured method for helping schools and organizations

  1. Select and refine action strategies that link to SMART goals
  2. Identify innovative action plan strategies
  3. Implement the action strategies with fidelity; and
  4. Measure and communicating the results of the implementation in terms of its impact on school norms, classroom practice, and student’s outcomes.

The Center on Education and Work Project Management System